Asha Dangol

Asha Dangol’s paintings show the concern of environmental degradation along with the nostalgia for tradition and native cultural roots. There is a sense of inter-textuality—interconnection between his earlier and contemporary artworks, west and east, tradition and modernity.

Of course modern development with the advance of science and technology, construction of roads and means of transportation, have brought changes in society. However these very changes have polluted the environment, filled the atmosphere with smog, turned green plants into dead black trees and destroyed the serenity and peace of the place; even remote areas like Mustang and Manang have not been spared. The self portrait of the artist with mythical multiple hands imaginatively depicts how the Gods would feel seeing this space and atmosphere. The artist forecasts that a day will come when all mankind will be using masks that are connected to oxygen cylinders; even the deities will be portrayed with oxygen masks.

It is not only our natural heritage that is at risk. Even our cultural heritage, like the iconic ‘Mona Lisa’ is threatened. Traditional architecture has been replaced with concrete and glassskyscrapers. In this concrete jungle, human sentiment has become as hard and unfeeling as the concrete. The broken concrete body suggests fragmented human experience in contemporary society. The artist’s imagination drifts, dazzles and floats between these two extremes with disillusionment borne out of this whirlpool and vicious circle. Asha’s paintings are a quest for his own self identity in an atmosphere of chaos and confusion, the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity.

Nevertheless, the tiny green shoots signify the artist’s expectation of regeneration. The artist visually puts forward the question - why are people addicted to guns and grenades? Is the development of arms and ammunitions taking our civilization towards creation or destruction? Do arms propagate friendship or enmity?
Asha has collaborated with traditional Paubha and Mithila artists to integrate traditional and folk elements in his paintings. This designates the artist’s attachment to his local cultural roots. The artworks are inter-textual in the sense that Mona Lisa is connected with the portrait of Erina Tamrakar, the artist’s wife. This work embodies elements of Paubha and Mithila folk arts which is integrated with Asha Dangol’s surrealist compositions. Asha’s paintings are an appeal  to save the environment, to end war and to preserve natural and cultural heritage for peace, prosperity and harmony.
Dr. Yam Prasad Sharma
Art Critic/Art Writer 2014

Visual Artist

Co-Founder: E-Arts Nepal & Kasthamandap Artists Group

Treasurer/ Coordinator: Prashanta Memorial Society

Coordinator: Himalayan Art Camp and Himalayan Art Festival

Member: Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Young Artists Group, Artists' Society of Nepal



2010: Master's Degree in Fine Arts, Central Department of Fine Arts, Tribhuwan University

1996: Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Fine Arts College, Kathmandu, Nepal

1991: School Leaving Certificate - Bal Vidya Griha, Lalitpur, Nepal



2019: Welt Museum Wien Travel Grant, Nepal Art Now Exhibition, Vienna, Austria

2015/2016: NAC Travel Grant, Nepal Art Council for India Art Fair, Delhi

2013: Special Regional Award - National Art Exhibition, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts

2010: Consolation Award - IACC, Kathmandu

2006: 1st Prize - National Art Exhibition, Nepal Association of Fine Arts, Kathmandu

2005: Best Prize - National Film Festival, BICC, Kathmandu

2003: Araniko Youth Award and Gold Medal, Rastriya Yuwa Sewa Kosh, Kathmandu


Solo Art Exhibitions:

2018: The Wrathful Himalayas, Dalai-La Art Space, Kathmandu

2018: New Beginning, Dalai-La Art Space, Kathmandu

2017: Tradition Subverted, Yala Mandala, Patan

2014 : A 20-Year Retrospective, The City Museum Kathmandu

2013 : Parallel Journeys, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2011 : Avatars & Interpretations, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2010 : Aerial Perspective, Park Gallery, Lalitpur

2008 : Open Art Show, Park Gallery, Kathmandu

2008 : Open Art Show, Mitra Cafe, Kathmandu

2007 : The Scream, The Art Shop, Kathmandu

2007 : Ceramic Expressions, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2005 : Folk Fusion, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2004 : Inside the words, Gallery Moksh, Lalitpur

2002 : Folk Images of Nepal, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu


Group Art Exhibition (International):

2019: Chiang Mai Art Connecting, LaLuna Gallery, Chiangmai, Thailand

2019: Asian Artists in Hanoi, Vincom Center for Contemporary Art, Hanoi 

2019: Nepal Art Now Exhibition, Welt Museum Wien, Vienna, Austria

2019: Parallel Journey, Yak and Yeti, Vienna, Austria

2019: Kyusyu International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka, Japan

2018: Hanoi March Connecting 3rd, Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts University, Hanoi, Vietnam

2018: 5th KMUNTB International Art Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

2018: 2nd Andaman International Art Exhibition, Andaman Art Museum, Krabi, Thailand

2017: Shanghai International Art Exhibition, Hongqiao Contemporary and Modern Art Museum,   

           Shanghai, China

2016: KKB International Art Workshop and Exhibition, KKB, Malaysia

2016: Residency Art Exhibition, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India

2016: Intl Spring Art Camp, Jammu & Kashmir, India

2016: India Art Fair, New Delhi, India

2016: Khajuraho Art Festival, Khajuraho, India

2015: Nepali Art Show, LeSutra Gallery, Mumbai, India

2015: Asropa Intl Art Exhibition, Gunsan, South Korea

2015: Sasaran Intl Art Exhibition, Galarie Seni Mutiara, Penang, Malaysia

2014 : Sasaran Intl Art Festival and Exhibition, Sasaran, Malaysia

2013 : Namaste Nepal! Contemporary Artist Voices, Twelve Gates Arts, Philadelphia, USA

2013 : Namaste Nepal! Contemporary Artist Voices, Janalyn Hanson White Gallery, Mount

Mercy University, IOWA, USA

2012: Arts of Nepal, The Art Center, Chicago, USA

2012 : Nepali Contemporary Art Show, L'Epicea Galleria, Briancon, France

2012 : Nepali Contemporary Art Show, E-Funktion, Cologne, German

2012 : Nepali Contemporary Art Show, Chautara Gallery, Almere, Netherlands

2012 : Nepali Contemporary Art Show, Berlin, German

2010 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Cafe Arora, California, USA

2010 : Art exhibition organised by Camlin Art Foundation, Kolkatta, India

2009 : Nepali Art Show, Holland

2009 : Impression & Colour" SAARC Art Show, Hotel Radisson, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2009 : Harmony, Reflections Art Gallery, Indore, India

2009 : Breaking Boundaries, Druk Hotel, Thimphu, Bhutan

2009 : Asian Art Festival, Changwon Asian Art Festival, South Korea

2008 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Belgium

2008 : Hotel Hyatt, Dubai, UAE

2008 : Himalayas of Nepal, Alpha Gallery, Seoul & Honggang Gallery, Ulsan, South Korea

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, SomArts Bay Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Gandhara Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2007 : Art exhibition organised by Camlin Art Foundation, Patna, India

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Gallerie 25, San Francisco, USA

2006 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Chautara Gallery, Holland

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Galerie de Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2005 : Kasthamandap Group Show, Den Blank, Belgium

2002 : Art exhibition organised by Camlin Art Foundation, Kolkota, India


Group Art Exhibitions (National):

2018: Dalai-La Art Space, Thamel

2017-2019: Himalayan Art Festival, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2017: Himalayan Art Camp, Pokhara and Kathmandu

2014: Centenary Celebration of Poet Siddhicharan Shrestha, Painting on Poem, NAC

2013: Autumn Festival on celebration of 50th Anniversary of Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2013 : 20th Anniversary of Kasthamandap Art Studio, Sarwanam Gallery, Kathmandu

2011 : Sri Ganesh, Art Show at Nepal Art Council, SCC

2011 : Live Painting with Sukarma Music Group at Russian Culture Center

2011 : Live Painting with Rudra Music Group at Blue Notes

2010 : Samrishran, The Art Shop, Kathmandu

2010 : Peace - Paintings & Poetry, organized by Royal Norwegian Embassy, Kathmandu

2010 : IACC, National Level Paintings Exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2010 : Grand Show, Rotary Club of Chandigarh, Sirjana Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2009 : Nepal - Bangladesh Art Show, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2009 : International Art Festival, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2009 : Alfresco, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2009 : 15th Anniversary of Kasthamandap, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2008 : World Festival, NAFA

2008 : Bagmati on Canvas, Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu

2008 : Amalgam, Exhibition organized by Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2007: Sangalo, Exhibition organized by Nepal Lalitkala Manch

2007: Amalgam, Exhibition organized by Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2007 : Sarbonam Art Exhibition, Art Council, Kathmandu

2007 : Nature's Call, IUCN, Art Council, Kathmandu

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, The Art Shop, Durbar Marg

2007 : Kasthamandap Group Show, GTZ Office, Sanepa

2006 : Kasthamandap Autumn Show, Kiran Bhawan, Sanepa

2006 : In memory of "IBSEN" Exhibition, Embassy of Norway, Kathmandu

2005 : Anniversary Art Exhibition at Buddha Gallery, Thamel

2004 : Kasthamandap Group Show at Gallery Moksh, Pulchowk

2004 : Kasthamandap Group Show at Buddha Gallery, Thamel

2004 : Dhulikhel Art Exhibition at Singh Art Gallery, Lagankhel

2003 : Kasthamandap Group Show at Lazimpat Gallery Cafe, Lazimpat

2002 : Painting Exhibition organized by NAFA, Naxal

2002 : Four Men Show at Sirjana Contemporary Art Gallery, Kamaladi

2002 : "Children without art" organized by Jasutara Art Foundation, NAFA, Naxal

2001 : Painting Exhibition organized by NAFA, Naxal

2001 : Kasthamandap Group Show at J Art Gallery, Durbar Marg

1999 : Rangalal Bangdel Smriti Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Babar Mahal

1998 : Four Men Show at C.S.I. Gallery, Durbar Marg

1996-2006 : 26th - 36th National Art Exhibition, NAFA, Naxal

1994 : Vision 51- Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Campus, Bhotahity

1994 : Group 37- Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Babar Mahal

1993 : Human Happiness Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Babar Mahal

1992 : T.U. Day Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Campus, Bhotahity

1992 : Human Happiness Art Exhibition, Sirjana Art Gallery, Jamal

1992 : Group Art Exhibition at Goethe Institute, Gana Bahal


Art Workshops & Residencies (National & International)

2018: Hanoi March Connecting 3rd, Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts University, Hanoi, Vietnam

2018: 5th KMUNTB International Art and Design Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand

2018: 2nd Andaman International Art Workshop, Krabi, Thailand

2017: Shanghai International Art Workshop, Shanghai, China

2017: Himalayan Art Camp, Pokhara, Nepal

2017: Vishnu Manchu Art Foundation, Tirpuati, India

2016: Kuala Kubu Bharu Intl Art Festival, Malaysia

2016: Kalakriti Art Residency, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India

2016: Intl Spring Art Camp, Jammu & Kashmir, India

2015: Yogyakarta Intl Art Festival, Indonesia

2014: Sasaran Int’l Art Festival, Sasaran, Malaysia

2013: Britto Int'l Artist Workshop, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2013 : Dhampus Kala Yatra, Pokhara, Nepal

2011 : "Siddhi Charan Shrestha Satbarshi Diwas", NAFA, Kathmandu

2010 : International Tourism Day, organized by Thamel Tourism, Kathmandu

2010 : Celebrating Lines, Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center, Lalitpur

2010 : "Sadbhav", Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Kathmandu

2010 : "PEACE" Painting & Poetry Happening at Residency of Norwegian Ambassador

2009 : Art workshop organized by Gurukul, Kathmandu

2008 : Art workshop organized by WAGON, Kathmandu

2007 : Sarbonam Art Workshop, Kathmandu

2007 : International Artist Day, Art Workshop, Kasthamandap Art Studio, Lalitpur

2006 : In Memory of Legend Artist R.N Joshi, Park Gallery, Lalitpur

2006 : In memory of "IBSEN" workshop at Residency of Norwegian Ambassador

2006 : Arts, Poems and Photographs at Bungamati

2004 : Poetric Expressions at Godawari

2004 : Numafung Art Workshop, Kathmandu

2004 : Dhulikhel Art Workshop, Dhulikhel

2001-02 : Kala Upaban, workshop organized by NAFA

2001 : Workshop organized by Voice of the Youth

2001 : Workshop organized by Artist's Society of Nepal

2000 : Prashanta Smriti Workshop, NAFA


Mixed Media, Installation & Performance:

2018: The Masks, Performance, Taragaun Museum, Hyatt, Baudhha

2014: International Live Performance Art, Bindu, at Nepal Academy of Fine Art, Kathmandu

2013: Video Installation, National Fine Arts Exhibition, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts

2013: KalaJatra, an art carnival, KCAC, Patan Museum

2013 : Installation and Interactive Art, Britto International Artists Workshop, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2012 : Arts from Earth, Residence of American Ambassador, Kathmandu

2011 : Installation, National Fine Arts Exhibition, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Kathmandu

2011 : Installation on Menstrual Hygiene, Water Aid at Hotel Himalaya

2009 : Living Canvas, The gallery without walls, YDF Hall, Thimphu, Bhutan


Private Collections:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Nepal, Embassy of India-Nepal, Nepal Art Council, Himalayan Bank, Nepal Investment Bank, Sunrise Bank, Agni Group, Chaudhary Group, Fulbari Resort, Civil Group, Ghalia Art Foundation-Kenya, Andaman Art Museum-Thailand, Vertical Gallery-Thailand, Flamingo Group-Vietnam, Sasaran Art Museum-Malaysia, Chautara Gallery-Holland, D.P. Dhar Memorial Trust-India, Vishnu Manchu Art Foundation-India, Kalakriti Art Gallery-India, and private collection in Nepal and abroad.


Art Tutor:

Kasthamandap Artists Group (since 1998)

Contribute Art Article: SPACES Magazine



USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, France, Italy, German, Netherlands, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hungary, Japan & Austria



Asha Dangol

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